Saturday, August 28, 2010

my new bookshelves!

Since graduating high school some years ago, I've moved a lot. So I just had one bookshelf and as it would fill up I'd box up the books. So for years my books lived in boxes. A few months ago when my lease was up I moved into my sisters basement. I have never had so much room to myself. And the best part is that I bought some bookshelves and unpacked my books! Yay!
Though soon I'm either going to have to buy another bookshelf or give away some books. Mmmm....another bookshelf. Though I'm not so sure how that will fit down here.

Some book have to have their own shelves. Like Pooh Bear.
That boxed set was given to me from Santa when I was five. It's pretty hashed. The picture is my nephew in an eeyore frame. In high school I had a thing for Eeyore. Our attitudes towards life were very similar.

And then there is Twilight
Though my obsession has died down to a normal level of love for the series, I have a lot of fond memories of midnight release parties, parties I've thrown, and a trip to Forks with my sister a few years ago. That stick? From first beach.

And no bookshelf would be complete without HARRY POTTER! yay! I have two copies of a lot of Rowling's books, and three of Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone. A lot of memories based around these books, too. My sister and I threw a Harry Potter party when the seventh book came out and I was Luna. I have a bottle cap necklace laying on the shelf, though it's rather hard to see.

I like to organize my shelves by size. It just looks better. Believe me, I know. I've spent more time reorganizing these shelves over and over again than I want to admit. But it makes for some really odd book neighbors. I have Baby Mouse next to Georgette Heyer next to Jellico Road next to Robert Frost's Poems next to Dracula next to The Only Alien on the Planet next to The Joy Luck Club next to Daddy-Long-Legs. Kind of eclectic. I never realized how many sizes of paperbacks there are. And hardcover.

Okay, so I'm a little proud. Not that I really have a reason to be. I didn't write those books. Just collected them. But I love it anyway! I love having my books out of boxes.


Lily said...

Ah, lovely!! I'm a bit green. Although I must say, it looks nicer to organize by size but the librarian in me is cringing! LOL. Great job, and it is your collection, therfore, you should organize it however you like!!

Enna Isilee said...

My word. It's beautiful.

ylime1981 said...

This is beyond beautiful. If a man would do this for me, I would fall madly in love...I'm just saying... :)

Someday I am going to have a big room for all of my books. Half of them are boxed up in my mom's attic. I am very jealous.

Crystal Cook said...

I am totally in love with your book shelves. They're just too cool, a dream come true!

brave chickens said...

Your bookshelves are COOL!