Wednesday, August 4, 2010

review: Dark Life by Kat Falls

Pub Date: May 1, 2010
pgs: 304
publisher: Scholastic
content: No questionable content
source: library

In the future, the ice caps have melted causing the water to rise, making space a very precious commodity. So pioneers have set up a colony in the deep sea. 15-year-old Ty was the first baby born in the colony and can't wait until he turns 18 and can stake his own claim. One day he meets Gemma, an Topsider, looking for her brother. Lots of adventure, a little romance (yay!), pirates, an unfair Commonwealth, dark gifts, and great characters.

I LOVED THIS BOOK. I really loved the underwater world Falls created. Ty is truly a hero. And Gemma wasn't as annoying as my sister led me to believe.

Lame review, I know. That's all I got time for. I still need to pack. Leaving tomorrow morn for a weekend of dutch oven, river rafting, and sleeping on hard ground. yippy!

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