Thursday, August 19, 2010

hair vs. book

Today during lunch there was a wonderful storm, including thunder and I'm assuming lightning, though I couldn't see it. It was magnificent. The clouds were dark and thick, blocking out a lot of the sun. It looked like 8:30 pm. The rain kept coming, literally a down pour.

My good friend and coworker, Jaye, and I opened the staff room door and took it all in for a few minutes. Mostly we watched people running to and from the library. We whisper-yelled, "protect your book!" because the patrons weren't protecting their library books! Ack!

One particular girl ran past with her library book OVER HER HEAD(!!), protecting her hair!

"Protect the book!" Jaye said.

"You're hair will live another day, that library book wont!" I continued.

Near the end of our observation a mother ran past towards the library entrance with two little children. She had a towel over her head. Her children didn't.

"Protect the children!"

****later--I'm rereading this and it sounds like we were heckling the patrons. I LOVE our patrons. I would never heckle them. Jaye and I were just sad to see our books getting wet and were sharing a joke. Really, they couldn't hear us.

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Enna Isilee said...

That's hilarious! Do you work at a library? I used to and loved it. I'm really curious as to where you work/live since we had a storm at the same time.