about resugo

Hi! Welcome to resugo reads, my blog for everything books.

I am a youth services librarian serving at a public library in the SLC, Utah area. My interests include reading books, blogging books, talking books, planning vacations around books (seriously), writing (unpublishable) books, hosting real-life readathons, attending author events, and buying books.

Things I like that don't include books: crocheting, cookies, movies, road trips (flying trips, train trips, any kind of trip), sleeping in, hanging out, eating, and um...that's all I can think of.

Anyway, I really love books!

My real love is YA. I've always loved the YA section of my library, even when there wasn't a large selection available. The older I get, the more I love it. YA is honestly the most interesting, exciting, romantic, and original literature written today (in my humble opinion).

On average I finish 12-15 books a month, though I don't review them all. It all depends on my mood and if I have something I want to say.

Contact me at resugoo[at]gmail[dot]com with questions, requests, or comments.

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