Monday, August 23, 2010

hunger games and other thoughts

When I first read The Hunger Games two years ago, I liked the book, I was sucked in and I could not put it down. When I had to put the book down, my thoughts were obsessed with what was going to happen next. But I knew I would never read the book again. Once was enough.

Last year when I read Catching Fire, I liked it better than The Hunger Games. But I felt the same way; I would never read it again. Too disturbing.

Well, Mockingjay is being released tomorrow. And last Friday I decided I needed to prepare for such a momentous occasion by rereading the first two books. I know! I realized that I only get to read a book for the first time, once. And I didn't want to marr my first reading of Mockingjay be being confused because I'd forgotten something important that had happened previously. The waiting list for both books was too long. So, after saying I would never reread either of them again, I went and bought The Hunger Games. I would've bought Catching Fire, too, but they didn't have it. I did luck out because my coworker gave me her copy of Catching Fire because she said she'd never read it again. Which I kind of giggled at.

Sadly this weekend has been busy and I just barely finished The Hunger Games like five minutes ago. I still have Catching Fire to read before I can get to Mockingjay.

The first time I read The Hunger Games I really did not like the ending. I won't say how, no spoilers. But it really bugged me. This time reading it, the ending worked. I think two years ago I must've been up at 3am finishing it or something, because it's different than I remember it being. And I like Katniss so much better this time around than the first. And did you know Peeta sparkles? You probably did, but it made me laugh.

I read a lot of dystopic YA. It's what I like. The main thing for me in whether I like the book or not is the world the author creates. The world of Panem works.  Everything works within the parameters the author has set. And it's awesome. I love it.

I think something else that I like is that with Peeta and Gale, the reader really doesn't know who Katniss will pick. In Twilight, it was always Edward. There was no question at anytime that she would end up with Jacob--at least for me I thought it was obvious. But in 90 minutes, in Mockingjay it could go either way. What a mystery! I hope to find out soon, but this week is CRAZY so I don't know how much time I'll get to read. Or how much sleep I want to sacrifice.

Anyway, I like The Hunger Games this time even more than I did the first time. I'm glad I decided to reread them. And I'm glad I own the books because I will be rereading them in the future. I am giggling at myself.

As a little side note, my mom read The Hunger Games for a bookclub a few months ago and one of the members absolutely HATED the book because she was sucked into the plot. She felt like she'd become one with the Capitol and the Gamemakers and all those who derived enjoyment from watching the hunger games. She said it was voyeuristic. Voyeur: persistent observer of misery or scandal; a fascinated observer of distressing, sordid, or scandalous events.

What do you think?

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Enna Isilee said...

I just finished re-reading them about 30 minutes ago. I'm glad I did. I want to remember all that AMAZING detail when I read Mockingjay!