Saturday, January 1, 2011

goodbye 2010--welcome 2011!

Happy New Year! Hope you've had a nice first few hours of 2011. I have. I slept in (remember when staying up past midnight was an occasion instead of the norm?), worked out (need to start on those resolutions!), and read a book (sadly, this one was for work. Not one I would've picked up on my own).

In 2010 I read 155 books. Sometimes I'll think of a scene or a character that I read somewhere and it'll take me most of a day to pinpoint in what book I read it. Anyone else have that problem?

Here are My Most Memorable 2010 reads (in no particular order):

I loved the world White created. And the humor! I laughed so much while reading this book. Fun, fun story.
I could've done without the excessive swearing and the cover is ugly, but I loved how twisted this book was.
This book was so completely different than I expected it to be. I was surprised at every turn. And I loved it. Cannot wait for the next in this series.
I love Shusterman. LOVE HIM! I loved the characters he created in this very totally awesome book. I cried. Not because it was a downer (it's ultimately hopeful), but because I was touched. (okay, that sounded a little dorky--but it's true!).
Condie created a world that I was intrigued by. I loved how the scope of the world grew as the story unfolded. And the writing was beautiful, almost poetic.
Contemporary/Historical/Realistic/Fantasy. I was drawn in and finished the book in a day. Donnelly has a way with words.
This is the fourth in a series, and whereas it isn't my favorite in the series, (that would be King of Attolia), I still really liked it. This series (the Queen's Thief series) about Gen is my favorite series, EVER. These are the books I recommend to everyone who asks for a good book to read.
What really stood out to me was Jace. He is heroic in his determination to not become his father and make a new path for himself. Wow.
Hearts at Stake, Blood Feudand Out for Blood by Alyxandra Harvey
I so very much love the Drake Chronicles, though more honestly I should say I'm in love with the Drake Brothers. Awesome vampire family. Hilarious. Kick-butt heroines. I love these books.

As for 2011, I don't have a reading goal. I read because I love to read and to have a goal to read so many books by the end of the year kind of takes the fun out of it for me. Makes it more of a chore and less an enjoyable activity. So I'll just read. A lot. Probably more than 2010 since my life is about to get less complicated. And in 12 months I'll be interested to see how many books that added up to.

Anyway, hope you have a great 2011!

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