Monday, September 20, 2010

review: Zombies vs Unicorns, Black vs Larbalestier

pub date: September 21, 2010 (tomorrow!)
publisher: McElderry Books
pgs: 432
source: ARC from ALA

I went into this book Team Unicorn. I've read quite a few zombie books before I finally allowed myself to admit the truth: I don't like zombies. I've only read one unicorn book and I liked it. Unicorns win! But I did read every story in this book, which were half zombies. So now what team am I on? Mmm...let me think...

UNICORN -- The Highest Justice Garth Nix: Wicked King, vengeful daughter, hopeful ending.

ZOMBIE -- Love Will Tear Us Apart Alaya Dawn Johnson: Defective brain. Yum...braaaaainssss. Love story.

UNICORN -- Purity Test Naomi Novik: homeless girl, kidnapped baby unicorns, chocolate milk. Happy ending.

ZOMBIE -- Bougainvillea Carrie Ryan: Isolated island, pirates with plans, dictator as governor. The ending is very thought provoking. I liked it, but kind of wanted it to end differently...sorta...

UNICORN -- A Thousand Flowers Margo Lanagan: drunk villager, half naked princess, dire consequences. I found it kind of gross. As in Ewwww, I don't even want to think about how thats possible. I guess it's happy? But gross.

ZOMBIE -- The Children of the Revolution Maureen Johnson: broke traveler, babysitting gig, rich famous lady. Funny. But not happy.

UNICORN -- The Care and Feeding of Your Baby Killer Unicorn Diana Peterfreund: freak show, baby unicorn, hot best friend. Liked it a lot!

ZOMBIE -- Inoculata Scott Westerfeld: marijuana compound, zombie drills, grand theft auto (of a Benz!). I want to know what happens next...

UNICORN -- Princess Prettypants Meg Cabot: seventeenth birthday party, hot best friend, crazy aunt. Hilarious. And definitely happy. Favorite out of the collection because it's so light and funny.

ZOMBIE -- Cold Hands Cassandra Clare: cursed town, power hungry uncle, epic love story. Maybe hopeful? I thought kind of sad.

UNICORN -- The third Virgin Kathleen Duey: crazy unicorn, depressed girl, rather hopeless.

ZOMBIE -- Prom Night Libba Bray: prom night, teenage cops, bleak future. But there are fireworks!

Yep, after reading every story, I am still solidly TEAM UNICORN!!!! Though, I'm surprised to find, I did like many of the zombie stories, they didn't change my mind. I mean, unicorns wont eat my brains, they wont resurrect me as one of their own, they are majestic and beautiful and like rainbows and have nice smelling farts. Overall, they were a little more hopeful and happy than the zombies. I like happy and hopeful. Unicorns! yay!
the carnage! Who will win? Team UNICORN of course!

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Enna Isilee said...

Ooh. I'm team Zombie, so we complement each other!