Thursday, September 16, 2010

booking through thursday (3)--day and night

Do you divide your books into day and night reads?
How do you decide?

I've tried to split up my books by time/location, but it just doesn't work for me. For a while I had a book at work that I read during lunch and a book at home that I read at home, but usually one overtakes the other. If the one at work is wonderful, I usually take it home with me. If the one from home is fantastic, I usually read that one during lunch. Since I finish a book in 1-3 days  (unless I find it less than steller it might take me longer since I'll usually start a different book) it seems pointless to read more than one at a time.

So, in a round about way, my answer is No. I don't have night and day books. I have one, maybe two books, that I take with me everywhere and read whenever I get the chance.

I was talking to a teen volunteer at the library a few months ago and he had a different book for practically every location/time of day: at school, walking to/from school, afternoon, at night, ect. He was reading 4-5 books at at time. I was astounded and rather impressed. I couldn't do that.


Natalie W said...

That was an interesting question. I don't divide either but I do tend to read scary books at night.
Natalie :)

Kristina♥ said...

Wow, that guy is nuts! That doesn't work for me either -- I can't juggle books. I'm a one-book kind of girl. The only time I divide my books is when I read scary books -- I HAVE to read those during the day. :P

Here’s my Day and Night response :D

Gramma Ann said...

I am not into scary books, by that I mean Suspense/Thrillers. I do read one once in awhile, when I do, I just want to get it read and go on to something cozy.

Jim Randolph said...

But see, us ADDers who bounce around books are impressed by you 1-3 dayers!

resugo said...

I don't read scary--night or day! Because even when it's light while I'm reading, I'll think about it at night when the house is creaking. Eek! I'm rather Wimp that way. I go for cozy over scary anytime.

Jim-you definitely have a point! I hadn't thought about that

Lori said...

I don't divide my books by day or night. Here is my answer for Booking Through Thursday.

Kristina♥ said...

I'm the same, resugo! I'm really, really wimpy when it comes to scary things (including movies -- oh goodness, I start sweating when horror movie trailers come on the tv). I can barely read young adult vampire books without at least getting nervous/glancing both ways, etc. I'm so glad I'm not the only one <3