Monday, November 15, 2010

a thought on Delirium--an unofficial review

I finished Delirium by Lauren Oliver a few days ago. I was so excited to get it through NetGalley since I really didn't want to wait until February to read the book.

It is a beautiful story.

I felt a lot of different emotions throughout the book--sad, happy, horrified, romantic. You know how it goes, reading a really good book. But near the end, what I felt was mostly panic. As pages ran out, I was getting more and more worried about how Lena's story would resolve. It wasn't looking optimistic for my idealistic hopes.

I reached the last chapter and was completely horrified. NOOOOOOOOO! My heart broke. I wasn't sure how I felt--it's all so beautiful! But it ended...strange. So many unanswered questions. A part of me was impressed that Ms. Oliver left so many plot points open, but also horrified that I would have to fill in the blanks myself.

UNTIL I read online that Delirium is the first in a trilogy. Oh. I had no idea. The whole time I was reading I thought it was a stand alone. Once I realized I wasn't saying, "goodbye forever," just "see you next year," my heart healed.

Now I can say in all honesty, I love this book.

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Kelly aka yllektra(force-oblique) said...

Heeh, I have this on my TBR list and I'm glad it is going to be a series, because from what I hear, one book wasn't enough! Not by a long shot! lol

Thanks for the review!

Kelly @ I work For Books