Monday, November 29, 2010

Nanowrimo Day 29 :>{)

Well, the 50,000 words have been written (50,122 to be exact). Sadly, the story isn't finished. It is endless. And it might stay that way--FOREVER!

The first two weeks of November were definitely the honeymoon stage. I was very happy and in love.

The third week was when I became disenchanted with my characters and their rather lame plot.

The forth week was filled with bitterness.

Over the past few days, the decision was made to separate. Though it has not yet been decided if it will become permanent. There is a small possibility of us getting back together. I want to believe that once I cut through the mounds of crap, there will be something to salvage. 

But for now, it will be exiled to my external hard drive. Its future as yet undetermined.


*Now back to my regularly scheduled life*

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