Thursday, February 24, 2011

[review] The Vespertine by Saundra Mitchell

pub date: March 7, 2011
publisher: Harcourt
pages: 293
source: netgalley
challenges: ebook
appeals: historical fiction, romance, mystic, supernatural
content: clean

It’s the summer of 1889, and Amelia van den Broek is new to Baltimore and eager to take in all the pleasures the city has to offer. But her gaiety is interrupted by disturbing, dreamlike visions she has only at sunset—visions that offer glimpses of the future. Soon, friends and strangers alike call on Amelia to hear her prophecies. However, a forbidden romance with Nathaniel, an artist, threatens the new life Amelia is building in Baltimore. This enigmatic young man is keeping secrets of his own—still, Amelia finds herself irrepressibly drawn to him.

When one of her darkest visions comes to pass, Amelia’s world is thrown into chaos. And those around her begin to wonder if she’s not the seer of dark portents, but the cause.

I enjoyed this book, a lot actually. It was a quick read and one I got lost in. I started reading at 6pm, and suddenly it was 9. I thought it was original and interesting and exciting and mysterious.

Though I must say that it isn't a happy book. A lot of sad things happen and though Amelia gets the guy, it's rather bitter-sweet.

I did feel like there was more story to tell. It's never explained why Amelia can see what she sees and why Nathanial can do what he does. There isn't a lot of set up and not much of a conclusion. This wasn't necessarily bad, I was just left wanting more of the story. (And a happier ending).

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Kristina said...

It took me longer to get into this book. The first half was just OK for me. Did end up liking it by the end though