Monday, February 14, 2011

library(an) cameo--Zen and the Art of Faking it

Library(an) Cameo is a little thing I started to blog about libraries and librarians I meet in books. I met some interesting librarians in Zen and the Art of Faking it by Jordan Sonnenblick.

In the book San moves to a new town and invents a new past. Which means he needs to do some research. So naturally he goes to the library! San has a few encounters with the librarians in his new town, but my favorite is his first with Mildred.

"I left my my book bag on the table and found a computer carrel nobody was using. Just as my mouse-arrow thingy was all lined up on the Explorer icon, a cold-and-bony hand descended on my shoulder. I heard a wheezing inhalation right next to my ear. I swear, it was like Instant Horror Movie.

"'Hello, young man,' the owner of the skeleton hand croaked."

and later, when he needs a few books:

"Mildred took me through various rights and lefts, while the stacks got dustier and the lightning got dimmer around me. Just when I was sure she was getting ready to murder me and file my body under YOUNGSTERS: DECEASED, she screeched to a halt."

I'm a fan of Mildred. She's quite the character.

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