Monday, February 21, 2011

Library(an) cameo: prophecy of the sisters

Library(an) cameo is something I started to share passages I read in books that have to deal with libraries or librarians. Just cause I think it's fun.

Today's library visit is from Michelle Zink's Prophecy of the Sisters, page 155. There are a lot of libraries in this book, but this is my favorite passage about one. It's rather a beautiful.
"Stepping into the cavernous main hall, I find the library is more than quiet, it is deserted. Indeed, I don't see a single person as we make our way across the scuffed marble floor. Its emptiness is more than the lack of living, breathing beings. It is the unread pages of the many books that reside on the shelves throughout the room. I should not have thought one could tell when books have gone unread, but after the company of Birchwood's well-loved library it is as if I can hear these books whispering, their pages grasping and reaching for an audience."

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love this book