Friday, October 22, 2010

review: The Lying Game by Sara Shepard

pub date: December 7, 2010
publisher: HarperTeen
pgs: 320
content: some swearing,
source: NetGalley

Sutton's dead, which rather sucks. Even more so since she can't remember her life before she died. Now she finds herself as a ghost, connected to Emma, the twin sister she never knew she had. Able to understand Emma's thoughts and feelings, but unable to make her presence known, Sutton watches as Emma is lured into taking over Sutton's life, unaware that Sutton is already dead. Which leaves Sutton struggling to remember the night she died and who it was who murdered her.

I loved this book. I loved having Emma's story told by Sutton as she watched her muddling along, trying to understand what the hell was going on. Rather sad, but an awesome point of veiw I loved reading. I also really liked all of the characters introduced. All Sutton's friends, her enemies, her family.

The Lying Game has a bit of everything. Mystery--the murderer is setting Emma up as Sutton. Who is it? And why? So many suspects! Romance--one for Sutton and one for Emma. Suspense--Sutton's flashbacks and Emma's bouts of anxiety about who to trust and what to do. A great cover--Love it!

A great beginning to a new series. I am so excited for the rest. The next one, Never Have I Ever, comes out in April! (or so says goodreads). Which is  a title I love since it harks back to the Lying Game.

Now I need to read Pretty Little Liars.


Charlie said...

I just got this book through Net Galley (ebook) and I am excited to read it.

resugo said...

I hope you enjoy! I sure did