Wednesday, August 17, 2011

mini netgalley reviews

I've been reading a lot of NetGalley books the past couple of weeks, but they're all books that aren't coming out for months and months. So my reviews wont post for months and months. Which means I have nothing to post right now. Sadness. I decided just to do mini mentions of all the books, all the good and The Bad.

Wanderlove by Kirsten Hubbard release March 2012 (goodreads)
LOVED this book. LOVED, LOVED, LOVED. Right now it's a Read Now selection on NetGalley. GET IT! Yes, I am yelling at you (but in a very nice way). Once I finished the book, I had to reread my favorite scenes--which is not easy to do with a digital book. I really enjoyed Bria's travels and her growth as a character. Doesn't release until March of next year, but this is one on my To-Buy List.

The Way We Fall by Megan Crewe release Jan 2012 (goodreads)
Reminded me a lot of Carbon Diaries, 2015 by Saci Lloyd, but with a more normal family, and Life as We Knew it by Susan Beth Pfeffer . It's diary format, it begins before the catastrophy, and chronicles the happenings through a deathly virus outbreak. Highly recommend. However, the end doesn't have a conclusion...which is annoying to have to wait until the next book.
Tris and Izzie by Mettie Ivie Harrison release October 2011 (goodreads)
Wow. What a boring, frustrating, annoying main character. It was painful experience to have the story told through Izzie because she was such a stupid girl. I only got half way through before I allowed myself to stop the pain. I wont be posting a full review because I didn't finish the book, but I wanted to share my opinion. So now you have it. I don't recommend the book. But the cover is BEAUTIFUL.

Ditched: A Love Story by Robin Mellom release January 2012 (goodreads)
I thought this was a fun love story. Ian was a cute guy and a nice love interest. Justina did get on my nerves at time because she assumes a lot, but for the most part she was fun to read about. I also liked the organization of the story--Justina telling about prom night the morning after to her 'friends' in the 7-11. So a fun book, but the swearing, underage drinking, drugs, and talk of sex took away from the funness for me. Without all of that content, I would've loved this book. As is, it was just okay.

The Girl of Fire and Thorns Rae Carson by September 2011 (goodreads)
This is one that doesn't come out too far from now, but I enjoyed it so very much I decided to give it a mention now. This was an awesome, smart, exciting, adventurous fantasy novel. I LOVED the MC, Elisa. Her growth throughout the novel was really what propelled the story for me. I loved her, I loved her bravery, I loved this novel! The cover...meh. But better than the previous one with the girl in the blue dress that looked NOTHING like the dark skinned, overweight Elisa. Another book I highly recommend.

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