Thursday, December 9, 2010

review: How to Ditch Your Fairy by Justine Larbalestier

pub date: September 2008
publisher: Bloomsbury USA
pgs: 307
source: library audiobook
reader: Kate Atkinson

 blurb from goodreads:
If you lived in a world where everyone had a personal fairy, what kind would you want?

# A clothes-shopping fairy (The perfect outfit will always be on sale!)
# A loose-change fairy (Pretty self-explanatory.)
# A never-getting-caught fairy (You can get away with anything....)
Unfortunately for Charlie, she's stuck with a parking fairy—if she's in the car, the driver will find the perfect parking spot. Tired of being treated like a personal parking pass, Charlie devises a plan to ditch her fairy for a more useful model. At first, teaming up with her archenemy (who has an all-the-boys-like-you fairy) seems like a good idea. But Charlie soon learns there are consequences for messing with fairies—and she will have to resort to extraordinary measures to set things right again.

Charlie is a great character. I adored her. She is dedicated to her cause, funny, and has attitude. I loved watching (reading) her grow and change through the course of the book. Everything Charlie wanted at the beginning, by the end she has a new perspective of and appreciation for.

Ms. Larbalestier builds a cool, made-up country, as well as a cool, made-up school. (At least I think it's a made up school. I'd never heard of a sports school like Charlie attends, but maybe they exist?) Both are believable, as are the fairies. I love how the fairies are accepted as a fact of life by most, but that there are still skeptics who believe it's a bunch of phooey.

I did find the repetitive counting of events/demerits at the beginning of each chapter rather tedious, especially near the end.

I loved listening to the book. Kate Atkinson was fabulous. I believed I was listening to a fourteen-year-old. I especially loved listening to her Australian accent. And the accent is necessary with all the Australian slang. (At least I'm assuming it's Aussie slang, I wouldn't really know. I suppose Ms. Larbalestier could have made it up?)

And since you asked, I'd choose: 
# the sleep fairy (no matter how little sleep you get, you're never tired)
just think of all the books I could read!

What kind of fairy would you choose?


A Canadian Girl said...

I've got this book on my wishlist so it's good to see you liked it. I think I'd go with a sleep fairy too just because then I'd be caught up on everything. My other option would be a never-getting-caught fairy. Think of all the fun I could have!

Kelly aka yllektra(I Work For Books) said...

It sounds awesome!
I think I'd pick the money-fairy or something, because if I had a lot of money I wouldn;t have to work so all my time would go to books and fun! lol

The book sounds really fun and original!