Friday, November 18, 2011

my words are precious

It's nanowrimo in November, as I'm sure you all know. It is the reason for the scant posting on this blog. I have been reading, but not feeling like writing about what I've been reading. At this time, my words are precious and I want to use them where they count.

I have been delving into a new novel this month, putting my previous one on hold while I get this one into my computer. This is my fifth year participating, and I must say, it's been my most fun year by far. I love this story, even after eighteen days (a mighty miracle!) and I love where it's heading (another mighty miracle!). I am really bad at naming things, so at the moment the story is called, "Sisters." Lamest. Title. Ever. I know. It's a work in progress.

So that is where I will be for the next twelve days. Hopefully I'll be back in December with some reviews. Hopefully.

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Kelly said...

Good luck! I hate coming up with titles, too. I'm so bad at it! This my second year doing NaNo, and I am loving it so much more than last year. I love the novel I'm working on this year so much more than the one I worked on last year. If you want to add me on there, my username is Stinkfist.

I'm glad you're loving it this year!